The Negativity Challenge

About a week ago, Nicole received the e-book 4 Powerful Keys That Will Change Your Life by Doug Addison.  This booklet focused on the power of our words–a topic we knew about, but were having a hard time actually putting our knowledge into action in some of areas of our lives.  She forwarded it to me to read and I was instantly challenged to go on a “negativity” fast so we decided to do it together. We began surrendering everything and began being conscious of the words we were speaking over ourselves, our children, our future, and every situation.  Yep!  We began to stop speaking idle and critical words and shutting them down only with God’s supernatural help!  As we began surrendering every outcome to him and only declaring God’s goodness and truth, we began to see breakthrough.  We found out in about a 5 minute phone call that our mortgage is going down in another month, my attitude changed and my conversations with other became joy filled and positive, and we began seeing God working in our children’s lives simply because we had decided to let God be God.  AND we know this is only the beginning!

I know it’s easy to be critical when we see what’s happening around us, but the truth is that we just need to let God be God and leave the judgment and outcome to Him, but breakthrough comes as we surrender everything to His authority and judgment.  I challenge each of you to download Doug Addison’s ebook 4 Powerful Keys That Will Change Your Life (it’s absolutely FREE) and discover what breakthroughs God has for you today.

PS:  I think this negativity fast is quickly becoming a lifestyle!

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